Into the mind of a “Sponsor Monster” the Leo Fleury interview.

Most people out there have no idea how much hard work is behind running a brand; designing graphics,  dealing with selling product to shops in a declining industry, managing a team, keeping a brand relevant, scheduling product releases, and making sure checks come in so you can pay for trips and filmers.  It’s more than fun and games, it requires dedication and can become stressful.  Then you notice there is a message on your instagram page and you hope it’s a new shop account or maybe a customer with questions regarding the dimensions of a deck…but then you find its a “sponsor monster” looking for free product.

Meet Leo Fleury.  He spends his free time direct messaging any and all brands on his instagram asking for free product and sponsorship.  There is no loyalty to his game, but we must give him and his cut and paste skills praise.  While his video offerings are nothing close to the level of skating done by his “favorite” brands, he makes sure to send it off to whatever small brand he can find on social media.  

On that note, we bring to you the Leo Fleury interview.


SMDM:Leo, where did you get the idea to send “sponsor me” requests via direct message?

Leo:Because i have started to skate when i was 2 years (old). My father has been skateboarding for 26 years.  I am very motivated and my goal is to be a professional skateboarder.  Direct message makes it easy to contact brands.

SMDM:Have you sent over 50 of these messages to different brands?

Leo: Not that many.

SMDM: 30?

Leo: Yes.

SMDM:Do all of your friends send sponsor videos out as well?

Leo: No. Skating is only fun and games to them.

SMDM:What do you use to film your edits?  HD cameras? GO PRO? VX1000?

Leo:I use my phone.

SMDM:Does anyone usually respond to your messages?

Leo: Not usually. No.

SMDM:Being that your from France, have  you sent a sponsor me to Magenta?

Leo: No, i do not like their boards, so i did not send them one.

SMDM:How many stairs can you ollie?

Leo: 8 stairs.

SMDM: Sure…….. Has anyone sponsored you from the direct messaging?

Leo: Yes. I have 4 sponsors from it.

SMDM: Would you like to give a shout out to those sponsors?

Leo: One is a sticker company, one is a watch brand, and 2 are clothing.

SMDM: Would you care to elaborate on those sponsors?

Leo: It is 1:30 am here in France. I must rest. Thanks for the interview.

SMDM:Thank you Leo!



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