CHADD SINCLAIR. The people’s champ.

Skateboarders have been videotaping themselves for years. Usually its friend’s filming each other to make their own little videos, or the more experienced skater’s film with the intent of gaining a sponsorship.  At least that’s how it was when I was growing up. As a result of the accessibility of cell phone cameras, it now seems that most kids will film everything they do and randomly upload to any platform they can find.  Strange enough, with advertisement money coming in if your Youtube video gets enough hits, you can even profit off of it. Apparently you don’t even have to ride a skateboard to get people to get views, you just have to open up boxes from your “sponsor”.

We want to introduce you to Chadd Sinclair.  Chadd has his own Youtube channel where he does “unboxing videos”.  I don’t really understand why people like to watch other people open up packages on the internet, but it seems to be very popular amongst the younger generation.  Chadd will open boxes, sometimes even use dangerous machinery such as a chainsaw to cut through the double walled cardboard to reveal the newest items his sponsor has sent.


SMDM:Chadd, where did the whole unboxing video idea come from?

Chadd:I noticed that other people were posting videos of them unboxing and showing off their product, like Andy Schrock does.  I figured I could do the same thing, and promote my sponsor to a larger crowd.

SMDM:Not everyone is familiar with Punisher Skateboards.  How did your sponsorship with them come about?  Do you have to buy their boards to become “sponsored”?

Chadd:Naw, I never bought anything from Punisher.  I asked them for some stickers for free and they sent some.  I then made a thank you video and they actually liked my skateboarding!  They contacted me to represent their product, which I answered “Hell yes!”. I’ve been riding for them ever since.

Chadd repping his sponsors with a switch frontside blunt slide.

SMDM:How did you hear about Punisher skateboards in the first place? It’s not a brand people are familiar with, and they don’t sell to any skateshops that i have been to.

Chadd: I came across Punisher Skateboards via a Youtube video advertising  free stickers and figured it was worth shot.  I used to contact tons of companies asking for free shirts and stickers, but Punisher actually sent me stuff.  To say thanks I made a “Thank You” video, and they liked it so much that they sponsored me.

SMDM:Do the Punisher boards still come with plastic wrapping over the griptape and the bolts go through the plastic? 

Chadd: Good question.  No they don’t anymore.  I’ve been working with Punisher directly to improve the quality of the boards.  We all learn from our mistakes and Punisher has come a long way! Booyah!  Punisher just introduced their “Pro Series” line of decks, designed to meet the standards of todays park skating generation.  The board is thicker, and has a super steep concave.  It’s super durable and can take a beating going down a 7 stair set!

SMDM:What do you think about kids sending mass sponsor me direct messages? Have you done that, and if so does it work?

Chadd:To be honest, it can be overwhelming and annoying for kids to do that.  I realize everyone has to start somewhere but one shouldn’t be sending out tons of direct messages if they don’t have any skill, or only want free gear. I did that myself, and realized I had to wear the stuff I would get for free and the brands honestly weren’t very cool and I didn’t want to wear them.  It is better for a company to like you and your skateboarding, and they may even contact you if thats the case! Companies also want loyalty.

SMDM: Who are your current sponsors, and how did you obtain them?

Chadd:Crop king seeds, Punisher skateboards, and Hart Mind SOUL.  I obtained all three by being an amazing skater, loyal, and being a great promoter with innate brand awareness. You have to represent your sponsors at all times.  I had a few others but I didn’t get the support I needed from them, and vice versa.

SMDM:Were the “other” sponsors expecting you to do the loop and skate big rails?

Chadd:No.  I just wasn’t getting the support I wanted.  They just wanted to benefit from having me on and I was getting little to nothing in return.  I am happy with my current sponsors and wouldn’t change a thing, son.

SMDM:Do you get asked if your Shawn White often?  You do have an uncanny resemblance to the “Flying Tomato”.

Shaun White and Sandra Bullock Visit MTV's

Chadd:In the beginning people would call me “Shaun White’s cousin”, but I was never actually mistaken for the actual “Flying Tomato”.

SMDM:Ok, I’m going to give you a name of a skater or brand, and you answer with the first thing that comes to mind. Example, “Tony Hawk” and the response is “The 900”. Are you ready?

Chadd: OK playa.

SMDM:Andy Schrock.

Chadd:Youtube legend.

SMDM:Rob Dyrdek.

Chadd:DC/role model

SMDM:Bobby Puleo.

Chadd: Dan Bilzarien. LOL


Chadd: Bad ass.


Chadd: Atlantis.


Chadd:Dirty Ghetto Kids from the streets.

SMDM:Is skating your career? Do your sponsors enable you to support yourself? Or are you a Working Class Mans hero?

Chadd:I’d love to say skateboarding is my career.  My sponsors help me out with boards, sweet gear, and some occasional trips and finances.  I have always supported myself and have always been hard working and dedicated.  I have worked numerous jobs, but I want skating to be my main focus in life and one day that dream will become a reality. Until then, I will continue to hustle on YouTube, aspiring to be like Andy Schrock, but in the long run I just want to be happy in life.  I will skate until the day I die. Real talk.

SMDM:What does “Bong Stickers” do for you as a sponsor.

Chadd:Bong Stickers.. I haven’t been working with them like I would want to.  The problem is younger kids are watching me and looking up to me so i can’t really be representing or promoting companies like Bong Stickers like I would want to.  They hooked me up with a hat and some stickers which was dope, but I’m a role model. Kids will do what they want, but they will be more prone to doing something if the person they look up to does it.

SMDM:Do you receive any hazing while out skating? I would think some skateboarders wouldn’t be that kind to a dude who unboxes little plastic wrapped skateboards from a box.  Is that where the chainsaw came in? For protection?

Chadd: Ha! Nothing to my face, but I can hear comments under their breath and behind my back.  I grew up in Surrey (Canada’s version of Compton California) , and before I started skating I was into some pretty hectic stuff.  I lived an underground life.  I have been in and out of trouble my whole life, and skating helped me move on from that.  Skateboarding has saved my life.  I do have major anger problems and I still have that monster inside me, but I have learned to ignore the petty crap since I value my freedom.  And for the chainsaw, let’s just say I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.  Also, people realize Punisher supports me with more than just boards, and they ask how they can get on!

Crispy plastic over the grip and under the bolts! Factory sealed.

SMDM:So Punisher sells to Walmart.  Do you feel that is killing the core brands and skate shops as well? Why buy a complete at a shop for $150 when you can go to Walmart and get a Punisher for $49.99?

Chadd:Yes, Punisher supplies big box stores, but also wants to start supplying core shops as well.  It all depends on the stores if they want to carry Punisher.  Punisher is all about giving back to skateboarding and helping others by any means.  The core brands and shops will never struggle for business if there is a demand for the product in the shop.  If a kid wants a Zero deck, he will pay whatever he can to get it.  In the end quality dictates everything. Why pay $150 when you can get the same quality or cheaper.  Who cares about the brand, your saving and getting quality.  Punisher decks last me 6 months long.  Most big brands start out great quality, and then when they are established they lower quality.  Punisher is the opposite.  The quality started off poorly and now its top of the line!

SMDM:Thanks Chadd.  It’s been real.


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